Logistics Secure

Ideal for small to medium-sized freight forwarders, Logistics Secure offers a unique package of insurance products in a single policy. With this, you can protect your business against a range of liabilities that relate to the handling of cargo, the public as well as your employees. In addition, this policy protects your buildings, equipment, stocks and other fixed assets that are under your custody.
As a business that depends on the transportation and movement of goods, with GIG you can benefit from a range of mandatory and optional covers.

Mandatory covers:

  • Liability to cargo – covers your liability for loss or damage in your custody. 
  • Third party liability – covers you for third party bodily injury property damage arising out of your insured services. 
  • Professional indemnity – covers you for breach of duty, errors and omissions in your professional capacity. 
  • Fines and penalties – covers your liability to pay fines and penalties to any authority or a third party.

Optional covers:

  • Insurance of equipment – indemnifies you for loss or damage to equipment owned or rented by you. 
  • Workmen’s Compensation – provides wage replacement and medical benefits to your employees if they get injured during the course of employment.
  • Public Liability – if your business deals directly or indirectly with the public, then this cover is mandatory to help protect your business operations.
  • Property Insurance – protects your business from adverse financial consequences that arise from damage to buildings, contents and consequential loss of business.

Key benefits

At GIG, we make sure that you receive high quality service and protection. That’s why we continually improve our services to give you the best we can offer. Partner with us and benefit from: 

  • Innovative policies: with a clear understanding of your business, we offer a complete solution for all your insurance needs under one policy.
  • Flexible package: we provide you with comprehensive covers with specially tailored add-ons that suit you best. 
  • Competitive pricing: we set our prices at a level that ensures you have the best possible coverage at the most competitive and valuable price by combining all covers into one policy.
  • Fair and fast claims settlement: our superior customer service assures that your claims will receive prompt and fair settlement. 


Marine Cargo Plus web

Cargo Plus

Cargo Plus provides your business with ‘all-risk’ protection for your cargo at sea, over land or in the air.

GIG goes beyond the standard cover to provide you with a free-of-charge unique combination of more than 30 cover extensions, below are some of them:

  • Damage due to faulty packing.
  • Urgent replacement of goods by air freight even if originally imported by sea.
  • Payment in full for goods even if cargo is only partially damaged.
  • Removal of debris in the event authorities charge owners of goods for cleaning up operation.

Key benefits

With GIG, you can be assured of quality service and protection. In addition to comprehensive covers of the policy, you can benefit from the below with our Cargo Plus cover:

  • Complimentary risk management surveys and recommendations on vessel selection and cargo, including packing and warehousing.
  • 24/7 emergency helpline led by a team of marine experts, available to help you in case your cargo is faced with a hazard whilst in transit.
  • Net Cargo is an online certificate and policy issuance system that allows you to manage your insurance documentation and accounting process at your convenience.


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How to submit your claim

You can directly contact your GIG Account Manager who will guide you through the claims notification process.